"Education rooted in the principles of the Catholic faith nurtures both the mind and the spirit, fostering a lifelong journey of knowledge, virtue, and service."

Mission Statement

Marian Congregational Schools educate their students to become industrious, moral and intellectual leaders who enhance society by the example of their Catholic lives. Founded on Christian ethical principles, instruction emphasizes fundamental academic skills and perpetuates the legacy of Western Tradition. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we challenge our students to perfect their character, cultivate their talents and pursue their full potential. Our emphasis is pre-eminently spiritual, assisting students to cooperate with Divine Grace, to become true and perfect Christians, effecting transformation in Christ.

Goal Statement

Marian Congregational schools, like St. Theresa’s Co-Op, are places where parents and students must be committed to Catholic education and must become involved in the process of forming Christians. Our schools are dynamic schools that are about the ever-challenging and eternal business of knowing, loving, and serving God.

The specific goals of the Marian Congregational Schools are the first and foremost, to gain a deep understanding of and commitment to the Roman Catholic Faith; second, to learn and appreciate the traditions and values of a Catholic culture and the means whereby these may be preserved in the modern world; third, to develop solid academic skills in the areas of reading, writing, arithmetic, speaking and critical thinking; fourth, to gain an appreciation of the fine arts; finally, to develop motor coordination skills.

If you are interested in our schooling, contact Sr. Maria Kazimiera at 509-655-1411 or st.theresa35@gmail.com.